12-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

titanic 2 search for climate change leonardo dicaprio greta thunberg
why are students such pansies those are professors protect safe spaces speech is violence
deleting friends to clear space real pros post offensive memes
bitcoin is not money and is based on thin air federal reserve
we did it we achieved social justice burning town
coworker accidentally drank from starbucks cup said coffee tastes like jack danields weird
babylon bee most satirical time person of year greta thunberg
trump israel statement speeches compared to mainstream media

Lesson of the Day

impeachment translator russian asset ukraine trump

Quote of the Day

quote how can nadler be impeaching trump when leia strangled him in return of jedi

Tweet of the Day

tweet abc cbs nbc switch to regular programming when republicans tell their side impeachment

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