12-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if patriots of today were alive in 1776 redcoats lives matter respect authority submit comply
how the hell does santa know if naughty or nice didnt even know rudolph was bullied
george soros greta thunberg shut up and stick to the script
tshirt i dont date women foster until find forever home
college tuition stealing students money hypnotizing top 1 percent are thieves
bernie sanders ymca by the village idiot
time magazine destroying trees for magazine how dare you greta thunberg
live from the uk today liberal screaming boris election
dad why government destroy everything it touches is monopoly no incentive to be efficient accountable

Quote of the Day

quote george orwell real division between authoritarians and libertarians

Tweet of the Day

tweet donald trump jr why even democrats with tds shouldnt elimiate electoral college ny ca impeachment squad

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