12-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pelosi schumer we will not allow american voters to interfere in our elections ever
ocasio cortez yellow snow is proof sun is melting
want common sense gun control political opponents disarm so can weaponize government
bill belichek 1962 cheating on test
trump 2020 the sequel make liberals cry again
truck wages up jobs up stock market up i blame trump sign
video game finish him ralphie beating scott farkus
babylon bee dems vow to learn from labour party not going far enough left

Quote of the Day

quote paulo coelho mistake repeated more than once is decision

Tweet of the Day

tweet educating liberals weather channel founder scientists greta on climate change

Can’t Let Real Solutions Get in the Way of Anti-Capitalist Propaganda

morge vague passed up for time person of year solving climate plastics problem

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