12-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

what does impeachment mean mom absolutely fucking nothing
fbi james comey sorry about the 17 unbiased mistakes all hit trump
nbc nothing but crap abc cnn msnbc cbs fake news
angry lady diaz cat impeached still president
dog some fat dude tried to break in chased santa away
freedom has almost been perfected just a few more laws regulations cages
drain the swamp trump shrek bernie hillary aoc joe biden omar pelosi schumer
santa sees you when youre sleeping knows when youre awake nsa employee of month
democrats before after trump impeachment screaming

What Real Election Interference Looks Like

google we decide what you see

Quote of the Day

quote trump new stock market high never get tired of telling you that

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk line of illegal aliens waiting for licenses new york

Message of the Day

morgan freeman you may not want to hear this word offends you offends me not to say

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