12-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trump impeached will most likely be reelected newspaper headline
2 articles of impeachment senate sponge bob burn
drew carey welcome to impeachment where the crimes are made up votes dont matter
impeachment of trump convict a person of murder testimony of psychic victim guys im not dead
trump cheers to all haters be patient more coming maga 2020
trump rocky adam schiff pencil neck geek boxer
then constitution is outdate document racist white guys now democrats we love impeach trump
democrats impeach trump worst is over senate 2020 election
never trumpers watching house impeach realizing he is still president
nancy pelosi we intend to withhold articles of impeachment quid pro quo

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan man is not free unless government limited as expands liberty contracts

Tweet of the Day

tweet prager u gender debate test to convince you to reject reality for feelings

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