12-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if you read le tits now instead of let it snow internet has ruined you
they say nothing is impossible not true democrats trumps first 3 years
democrats normal people get ready everybody do something stupid homer simpson
peace on earth santa modicum of decency in washington dc
you dont need 30 rounds to hunt correct but 2nd amendment not written in case deer turn against us
who remembers climate change pimp from the 90s al gore
zuckerberg just making sure you arent sharing anything conservative
property tax if it pleases the crown like to continue residing in property ive already purchased
after impeachment trump still your president hillary clinton still not
house of representatives plate sunny in philadelphia senate throwing

Quote of the Day

quote ever heard crack head say i have no money no they find a way

Tweet of the Day

tweet how to lose elections cancel friends family over politics alienate racist refuse alternative

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One thought on “12-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Once again thanks for the laughs. It is sad that this is real and not a parody. Keep up the good fight. It is only going to get worse after 2020 and Trump is reelected. Your friend, Michael

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