12-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when you show up to office on time morning after company party no one there
santa arrested coal global warming calling women hoes
mary we just had baby brought gifts drummer boy right in face
santa claus old white guy in charge lump of coals red hat triggers peta reindeer
reelection of trump bad for waist line low unemployment stock market records
wizard of oz glenda calm down nancy this is senate you have no power here
bernie sanders pelosi schiff stocking stuffers constitution how to stop lying
santa reindeer sleigh caught in wind energy

Quote of the Day

quote hillary clinton 2013 trump would be very successful great for economy

Tweet of the Day

Just a reminder that there are plenty of pro-America shoe/apparel alternatives to Nike.

tweet herman cain nike colin kaepernick shoes

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