01-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bush obama trump hillary who each killed
date someone who says dress up go out but they mean pirates
iran has sleeper agents in usa we knew that obama hillary schumer pelosi
anderson cooper don lemon rachel maddow defending soleimani man who would have hung them for being gay
day 1 drove by gym babysteps
we are outraged trump soleimini omar other terrorists
200 arrested for arson australia keep blaming climate change
dear donut shop dont need calories in 2020 guilty eating 6

iran death to america before after killing of soleimani

Question of the Day

question google in control on 90 percent of searches election interference

Quote of the Day

quote omar 9 11 some people did something iran general we are outraged

Tweet of the Day

tweet thought liked seeing movies turns out eating candy dark room illegal to talk to me

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