01-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

forrest gump just like that hollywood celebrities found out nobody gives shit what they think
climate change happens 4 times per year my favorite is global warming late april
dairy queen ruining your new years resolutions since 1962
men want only one thing and its disgusting then wash it angry lady cat
dear iran since we took out your 3 in charge we will offer you ours nancy pelosi
obama red line vs trump red line crater
marked safe from cnn brainwashing iranian terrorist leader killing is bad thing

To Those Who Still Rely on Fake News Networks

iran attack history last few years vs trump response
pentagon 0 us casualties vs iran state tv and msnbc

Quote of the Day

quote quote sasquatch believe in yourself even if no one else will

Tweet of the Day

tweet dating short women chihuahuas of species closer to hell

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