01-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lifes a party and im the pinata
trump could condemn jeffrey dahmer democrats would say he was just hungry
apple launching new iphone nothing new higher price
condoms prevent minivans bumper sticker
dry january when you see how people suck back on the wagon
before you condemn qasem soleimani walk a mile in his shoes smoking
ukraine donated to clinton foundation romney kerry pelosi biden all want trump impeached
media democrats blind when obama bombed seven countries
most of democratic missicles caused minimal damage impeachment mueller
has nike started making soleimani shoes yet
hillary obama leaving flowers soleimani funeral casket

Quote of the Day

quote one who plants tree knowing never sit it shade understands meaning of life

Tweet of the Day

tweet babylon bee tragic footage of epstein suicide

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