01-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

disney nba blizzard bowing china leader winnie the pooh
obama can use fbi cia nsa spy on trump but asking ukraine to investigate corruption crime mainstream media
its 2am in bar lights turn on kissing pig
speak with customer service fucking representative
hiroshima vs detroit easier come back from nuclear bomb than democratic leadership
nine women we can live without 2020 merkel hillary watters aoc pelosi thunberg omar warren trudeau
nick sandmann slaying cnn and we lieth
picture of all mainstream media pundits expressing outrage over obamas 563 drone strikes
republican rino were behind you 100 percent trump battling democrats
pete buttigieg darth vader trump made him blow up alderan

Quote of the Day

quote everyone will ever meet knows something you dont

Tweet of the Day

tweet rickey gervais stop saying you cant joke about anything

Leftist Purity Police Update

Vince Vaughn Faces Backlash for Shaking Hands with Trump

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