01-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee experts warn we have only 12 years left until change timeline on global warming again
three bears read part again where goldilocks burns mouth on my porridge
things i shouldnt joke about found funny why im going to hell
fitness is my passion when you order big mac fries diet coke
mainstream media massive crowd for enthusiastic joe biden rally
daily spleen terrorist trump kills revered iranian leader great satan
elizabeth warren now that booker is out im the only black candidate
nancy pelosi in 2021 face lift still trying to impeach president trump
farley remember abc tried to lie america into war showing manipulated video kentucky gun range syria

Quote of the Day

quote of day be a voice not an echo

Tweet of the Day

tweet trying to stop being mean but you all have to stop being stupid first

Socialist Propaganda Update

washington times have to replace signs saying glaciers would be gone by 2020

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