01-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat when someone says had enough to drink should fight now or later
we need bring cnn ratings up what to do call trump racist sexist tell truth thrown out window
what does democratic party and superbowl have in common no patriots
woke pumping soviet communist propaganda ignoring trump accomplishments
orange man bad mainstream media trumpet attacks on trump
bernie sanders make gulags great again
being thrown into gulag reeducation camps sounds too rude free education bernie sanders clap
america will pay trump is evil death to americ those are democrats
babylon bee gang of know criminals hold meeing steal money

Quote of the Day

quote be decisive right or wrong life is paved with flat squirrels couldnt make decision

Tweet of the Day

tweet herman cain on project veritas bernie sanders gulags stalin

Question of the Day

if troops fighting for freedom why jail someone smoking joint to get over ptsd

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