01-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

virginia governor watching internet reaction to gun state of emergency british general
elizabeth warren mask over hillary clinton
trump to trudeau no thanks last time i grabbed a pussy became national scandal
hillary clinton going down most hated woman in america pelosi hold my scotch
bernie sanders touring re education camp gulags soviet union
angry lady cat wont rest until impeachment stops pelosi love some peach schnapps
cora wont visit white house because trump is liar and cheater gets banned from mlb for life
elizabeth warren taking back everything good i said about you bernie sanders you are an indian giver
what nancy pelosi gives her friends gold pens her district homelessness

Quote of the Day

quote rickey gervais you found it offensive i found funny thats why im happier than you

Tweet of the Day

tweet thomas sowell envy used to be one of deadly sins now social justice

Message of the Day

theory of intelligence killing weaker brain cells cheers cliff claven

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