01-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elizabeth warren claims bernie gave her smallpox blanket
finally 2 trump haters move to canada prince
met woman lost 200 dollars gave her 40 of the 200 i found
funny how leftists have no problem beyonce making 80 million but not ceo with 3000 employees
va governor northam red face soviet gun free zone
adam schiff mounting legal defence is evidence of guilt salem witch trials if drowns not witch
give me sign what to do with life try drugs
you telling me your president is corrupt for exposing biden corruption

Quote of the Day

quote do not judge my stoy by the chapter you walked in on

Tweet of the Day

tweet avogato time zones in australia europe us 1775 bootlickers

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2 thoughts on “01-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Classic –
    I gave the woman who lost $200 … $40 from the $200 I found.
    Sounds like DEM-SOC wealth redistribution …
    We will take YOUR wealth, but generously give some of it back ..

    Any chance you could add a “SCHIFF-NADLER-PELOSI” gallery?
    Enough memes on those three for their own !
    Thanks Joe –
    Amusingly Yours,

    • I have the first meme for the catagory if it is created.
      An image of monkey #1 (Chuck Schumer) looking up the rear end of Monkey #2 (Nancy Pelosi)
      The caption of the meme says

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