01-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant come to work boss caught the corona virus
technical glitch quotes results non us citizens accidentally registered in illinois the hill
elizabeth warren you called me liar on national tv sanders well if moccasin fits
if animals took selfies lion about to eat idiot blessed
adam schiff what mean no proof trump did something didnt hear what i made up yesterday
warren free education bernie sanders free abortions biden free back rubs american diversity
angry lady smudge cat you said pretty bar everyone is 2am
impeachment trial cspan liberal nuts at us senate table

Quote of the Day

quote shakespeare oxford dicionary in streets urban in the sheets

Tweets of the Day

tweet bernie sanders second in democrat primary communism schools teaching mccarthy paranoid

tweet having schiff lecture on fairness like arsonist talking about fire prevention

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