01-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i want gay married couples protecting their marijuana with guys right wing extremist
when theres knock on door after posting anti government memes all day
corona virus wont last long because its made in china
reds and blues woman dressed as taco fat woman pussy angry screaming lecturing us on human dignity
you never listen to me only hear what you want to hear sure ill have a beer
how could anyone vote for bernie known liar elizabeth warren dressed as indian
clown sign if we pay more taxes well get more free stuff
joe biden if you like subpoena coladas getting caught in the ukraine
difference between big brother and big sister plugging baby sis nose

Fake News Liberals Let Slip Out What They Really Think of 63 Million Americans

CNN’s Don Lemon and Guests Mock Trump Supporters as Uneducated and Illiterate

Quote of the Day

quote good leadership requires surround yourself with people diverse perspectives

Tweet of the Day

tweet bill oreilly should you hate the media controlled by 6 corporations

There Are No Coincidences

is it just me or does adam schiff look exactly like benedict arnold

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