02-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

superbowl 54 drinking game chiefs 49ers buck aikman
bernie sanders we will decrease corruption by giving government more power
bernie sanders for everyone youre buying
michelle obama having me on ticket no criticim or sexist racist transphobic
don jr testified 30 hours in russian witch hunt hunter biden wont testify 1 minute
muslims oppressed west talking to non muslims in islam countries
anyone know if nancy pelosi is having acquittal pens made
corona bottle separated by heinken in mask
adam schiff pinnochio geico adam schiff cspan

Quote of the Day

quote fake people have image to maintain real people just dont care

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk obama scandals compared to trump who is impeached

Message of the Day

doctors dont make you healthy teachers dont make you learn eventually realize your responsibility

Other Links That May Interest You

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MSNBC Cuts to Commercial Break As Trump’s Counsel Asked What Framers Would Think of a Partisan Impeachment

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