02-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

andy reid making superbowl winning white house buffett
warren when youre only 1 1024th kansas city chiefs fan
i voted to raise taxes on property owners why did rent go up
schiff punxsutawney trump 4 more years of trump
angry lady cat smudge heifer blocked me
never ask women weight man salary democrats why illegal immigration map matches 2016 voting results
reds and blues conservative comes out of closet in hollywood
me stop digging in yard my dog
maxine watters nancy pelosi now impeachment over should we shove pens up each others asses
mitt romney ghost of john mccain im back
most powerful governments on earth cant keep virus from spreading but can control weather if you pay more taxes

Quote of the Day

quote rock bottom will teach lessons mountain top wont

Tweet of the Day

tweet breaking news extremely conservative senator romney not invited to cpac 2020

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