02-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

richard sherman wont go to white house trump abracadabra you lose
groundhog predict another year of high taxes out of control spending government
pelosi brings impeachment charges against andy rein if you cant beat them impeach them patriots collusion
sleeping happy posting facebook controversial fights in comments
adam schiff hugging jussie smollett his ghost writer
demorats antifa short for anti fascist nazi short for national socialists
does anyone remember time before gps had to stop ask directions hooker
schiff we must investigate the 63 million americans for collusion voting for trump
trump get the fuck off my lawn romney you piece of shit
highest paid person at cnn nick maga hat boy lawsuit settlement

Quote of the Day

quote government failed you biden donald trump jr youve been in government 50 years

Tweet of the Day

tweet leonydus johnson how can you look at current government think should be in charge of health care

Message of the Day

goldfish shark be brave even if you have to pretend

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