02-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

live footage from iowa caucus democratic train wreck
bernie sanders when you have the most votes but they redistribute them to other candidates
trump sotu speech nancy pelosi cardboard frown
tv please stand by technical difficulties while we complete election interference
women worried unfair to bernie sanders dnc caller bernie who
nancy pelosi as a catholic angry lady smudge cat you misspelled alcoholic
stan ollie this is another fine mess youve gotten us into nadler schiff
calm down everybody democrats probably just using common core to tabulate results in iowa
hospital guy then i said gee honey j-lo is your age
have you heard of deadly virus over china communism newspaper
adam schiff thats trump shoe in ass alright cruz rand paul surgeons
anyone want to buy impeachment pen used once didnt work

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan closest to eternal life government program

Tweets of the Day

tweet buck sexton trump is spiking football doing backflips making out with opposing qbs girlfriend

tweet if democrats too incompetent to count votes maybe not best idea to run country sarah sanders

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