02-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people stabbing trump in back msm romney fbi cia
democrats when trump mentions economy sotu 2020 colorized blind fold
pelosi angry liberal tearing up trump sotu speech
unabridged liberal dictionary income inequality
trump my new acquitted in senate fuck you nancy pen
silent man is wise man silent woman is deadly
dear nancy im still president but you can rip these papers if it makes you feel better donald
democrats dumpster fire make america like california health care like dmv cheat in own caucases
utah keeps sending romney to dc what the hell is wrong with you people
little known fact lawn sculpture deer more real than romney republican
my child doesnt want to eat meat what can i replace it with a dog dogs love meat
49ers illustration of democrats celebrating impeachment 2019 losers
trump lowest black unemployment ever pelosi tearing up
impressionable young people bernies 4th house money instead of campaign
trump signing shakira and j lo can stay
nancy pelosi tearing up sotu speech sorry thought copy of constitution
trump laughing democrats cant run a caucus want to run country

Quote of the Day

quote sowell no society has thrived because growing class of parasites living off producers

Tweets of the Day

tweet chuck woolery democrats ask yourself if you cheat in primary what about general
tweet chamberlain think about last two republican nominees most disloyal
tweet eric trump iowa caucus could be tabulated by college kids with spreadsheet

But CNN Said the Speech Was Only For His Base…

trump sotu approval independents poll 82 percent

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