02-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fairytales are real potion magin beans brings me back to life
kitty 70s show love my family want to run over with car
simpsons trump is 80s liberal who didnt go batshit insane
bernie sanders if elected promise lots hammer ready jobs gulag prison
unlike epstein democrats are hanging themselves
were trying to stop spread of bernie sanders virus dnc warren biden
nancy pelosi tearing up democrat 2020 hopes
trump back at you nancy pelosi tearing articles of impeachment
iowa caucus train wreck done now ready to run country
dnc cant let bernie nominee change rules want to eliminate electoral college
nancy pelosi how to apply fixodent sotu
donald trump devil went down in georgia pelosi still your president

Quote of the Day

quote forest shrinking trees kept voting for the axe one of them wood

Tweets of the Day

tweet no student debt problem until government started guaranteeing student loan debt self inflicted
tweet samuel jackson if i stop my car knees to chest

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