02-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

democratic caucus results buttigieg biden sanders warren rodents sponge bob plague
listen sarcasm will get you nowhere in life got me world championships in peru
when government created problem guess we need more government
bernie sanders once again asking you to ignore 20th century body count ideology
winter like justin in bieber cute in beginning fuck off back to canada
bernie sanders redistribution votes not like that
mexican word of day acquitted democrats should have when ahead
mitt romney pierre defecto not your president fake republican
everyone complaining superbowl half time show puppy bowl bitches all naked

Let’s Review

list of democrat accomplishments since 2016 fails

Quote of the Day

quote no matter size of your oppoent always give you all

Tweet of the Day

tweet cydni beer pediatrician hour wait toddler this is a clock

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