02-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

adam schiff got any more of that overwhelming evidence
democrats telling you can manage health care dems managing iowa caucus office
nancy pelosi sotu tearing up american greatness
when i was a kid didnt called it behavior disorder being a brat
trump jesse jackson when democrats waste millions making up hoxes achieve nothing good job
pete buttigieg if you eat hamburgers or use straws part of problem unless with husband
obama if like your doctor can keep trump get tired of winning when politicians lie
pelosi sotu redeem paper one month free rehab

Tweet of the Day

tweet zuby 90 percent of racial tensions would go away liberals stop radicalizing everything

Quote of the Day

quote terry mcaullife trying to convince country can take trump country cant count 170000 votes

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Maxine Waters Boycotts Trump’s SOTU—But Attended Castro Speech Shrieking ‘VIVA FIDEL!’ – Humberto Fontova

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