02-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

relaxing after winning argument with wife sleeping garage
biggest scam ever apartments charging for pets not children
bernie sanders race maga hats cheering
if give bat shit crazy drunks speaker of house job can at least get ron white
mitt romney impeachmen m effer capitol medics trump derangement sybdrome tds
dnc bernie sanders finally party behind me pushing off cliff
rare photo of jussie smollett being attacked blazing saddles
babylon bee bernie sanders new hampshire first reeducation camp site

Tweets of the Day

tweet zuby white privilege is fake concept created by liberals embrace victimhood
tweet dinesh d souza guy never worked day in life strong among voters never worked day in life bernie sanders

Quote of the Day

quote never assume loud is string quiet is weak tommy shelby

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