02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

being in relationship solving problems together that wouldnt have if single
danny carlton anyone notice angriest people on tv are named joy and whoopi
student debt gender studies degree vote bernie sanders because trump fault
bernie sanders communist flag trump american choose wisely
democrats commit election fraud complain about election fraud soda machine
over 200 countries flying private jets to climate change conference to get me to stop driving suv
who the fuck wants to steal smart car antitheft chain
husband why kill plants wife remind you what im capable of
socialism if we cant all be rich lets be equally poor except for rulers
babylon bee bernie sanders frustrated ask people for money

Tweet of the Day

tweet education spending increase graph compared to math reading scores

Quote of the Day

quote brit hume difference between bloomberg warren bernie buying election with his money vs yours

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