02-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

so youre telling me people drive electric scooters in grocery stores because theyve eaten too much
tax refund heres 500 of the 12000 we stole government thanks so much taxes
bernie sanders monopoly leader pays tax and distributes every time pass go
take guns to stop gun violence take penis to stop rape
there is no need for climate change protest in china because theyre already communist
when youve been release from facebook jail and know you will reoffend
young leftists in america drowning in made up problems shallow water
trump 2020 bill
jane fonda didnt have courage to speak up harvey weinstein went to north vietnam communists

Tweet of the Day

tweet dan bongino being liberal spending entire miserable life searching for reason to be offended

Quote of the Day

quote experience best teacher gives test first then lesson

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