02-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

communism empty plate follow me for more recipes
zuckerberg why cant you follow community standards kirk because nobody knows what they are
bernie sanders shouldnt let people buy election with their money only with taxpayers money
book how to pretend to be indoctrinated enough to fit in with mainstream society
sotomoyor republican appointed judges biased obama boss was that good
this is why 16 year olds cant vote looking at car not hot girl
2020 candidates in the 80s biden warren sanders comparison
bernie sanders bro capitalism has failed cant support lifestyle debt with part time job
nevada caucus slot machine all soviet hammer sickle

Beyond Parody

cnn how can we spin trip to india hindus majority cows revered

Tweet of the Day

tweet steven scalise i can think of bernie bro example of violence

Quote of the Day

quote bloomberg best known socialist is millionaire with 3 homes

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