02-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bernie sanders communism worked reducing obesity cant say all bad
best sports sign ever espn penis
stickers be nice to fat people may save you one day ashamed what do for klondike bar
titanic me doing my taxes i have a child dog
bloomberg trying to buy election with your money sander other peoples
socialism will work this time my liberal professor at university said so
bernie sanders 1.5 trillion free health care dont think you know what word means
democrat party dumpster fire dumping bloomberg cash and bernie sanders socialism
bernie sanders house in washington burlington and summer camp
bernie sanders dont agree with everything jeffrey dahmer did but was a talented chef
babylon bee science of climate change gender economics births

Tweet of the Day

tweet thomas sowell history 20th century

Quote of the Day

quote jeff cooper masters in washington anxious to disarm us

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