02-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant believe shot eagle golf trump cnn shot 9 bald eagles
willy wonka bernie sanders its work book you freeloading piece of shit
bernie sanders portrait fidel castro cuba
sanders on communists executions but the literacy programs
dear democrats kennedy far left
bernie sanders soviet feel the bern as economy goes up in flames
bill cosby hey harvey weinstein youre going to love my pudding
bablon bee democrat list of progressive virtues 7 deadly sins
stock market fears socialism axe bernie sanders

Random Thought of the Day

People should be concerned and take precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and nations should prepare their health infrastructure for outbreaks. My heart goes out to those who have gotten sick or died. That said, the media, as always, is dramatically blowing this WAY out of proportion. This is not an end-of-world situation! We’re talking about a virus with 98% survival rate, which should only improve as health officials learn more and develop a vaccine, or at least better diagnosis & treatment. It has reached less than .001% of the world population, but the media is going into Bill Murray catastrophe mode (“…human sacrifice, dogs & cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!!!!”). The real reason for the panic reports is that the media thinks they’ve finally found a story that can tank the world economy, meaning Trump’s re-election chances would plummet. As with the housing crisis of 2007, the media is taking a bad situation and trying to turn it into a self-fulfilling economic crash for no other reason than to hurt a Republican president. And it could work–The uncertainty causes businesses to slow production and consumers to slow purchases, which can lead to a real recession. If the world economy does tank because of Coronavirus, watch media reporters get happier and more energetic. Also, watch Democratic candidate blame it on Trump tax cuts & trade policies, then claim we’re heading for another Great Depression. The world economy matters little to the Democrat leaders and most of the media as long as they can get rid of Trump.

mainstream media enemy of my enemy corovirus could bring down trump
breaking-news-something-irrelevant-blow-up distract

Tweet of the Day

tweet bernie sanders popularity with young people decades of public school brainwashing

Quote of the Day

quote mark robinson social justice keeping what you earn

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