02-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid quiz come by wealth will pay in end hunter biden example
boat people immigrants folks escaping free education health care for capitalism
daughter alexis play let it go when i was kid radio station blank cassette
graphic shows socialism grows economy professor upside down economics book
how women and men take pictures at leaning tower of pisa
when on last of 9 lives play it safe cat mask coronavirus
democrat debate sanders free stuff pete im not bernie warren im female biden dog goblets
when castro took office literacy program but smoking increased firing squad
odd how party of open borders needle littering street pooping suddently concerned about spread of disease

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk republicans flip democratic seat cnn not calling bellweather

Quote of the Day

quote teddy roosevelt moment of decision right thing wrong thing worst do nothing

The Kill-Trump-Economy Corona Fear Campaign

coronavirus fear campaign democrats and media
west nile sars bird flu ebola zika now coronavirus same fear campaign

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