03-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if ever ive offended you im sorry that youre a little bitch
bernie its greedy to keep your own earned money but not greed to take it away sanders 2020
i could kill you with kindness crushing ego with sarcasm more my style
bernie sanders fairy tale millenials read part about free pony xbox hoverboard from rich dudes
elian gonzalez its ok kid theres a literacy program
sanders castro all those literacy programs raise hands prisoner
democrat cheerleaders for corona aoc pelosi schumer schiff warren
doctor how much pain you feeling normal amount no pain is normal
babylon bee bernie sanders praise slave owners for free housing

Tweets of the Day

tweet bernie saving student loan pawment increasing taxes
tweet chuck schumer trump premature travel ban china coronavirus

Quote of the Day

quote every socialist is a diguised dictator ledwig von mises

For Those Who Still Don’t Know

socialist venezuela businesses close massive inflation 35 percent gdp loss was implemented perfectly

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