03-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when someone who wants open borders sounds concerned about coronavirus spreading
if paul revere liberal redcoats are coming put up gun free zone signs
if you think america not special yeehaw cant be translated ron swanson
yall say excuse me or scuse me first time and when they cant hear
bernie sanders leaving his mansion to talk about how evil capitalism is duck money gold
the real virus threatening america schiff pelosi nadler watters
scooby doo lets see what makes corona so dangerous ghost the media
elizabeth warren we must transfer all funding trump wall to coronavirus hopping border
just back from cruise had great time tan line masks coronavirus
babylon bee bernie sanders trying out totalitarian mustaches

Tweet of the Day

tweet ever comedian same party same jokes groupthink

Quote of the Day

quote herman siu better walk alone than with crowd going wrong direction

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