03-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

democrat voters on leash super delegates will fix any mistakes in primary
bernie sanders hugging soviet flag trump american
democrats heading into 2016 mathew mcconnahy 2020
hillary clinton defends harvey weinstein how could we have known ben shapiro to be fair bad at identifying sexual predators
buttigieg think you may have misunderstood when i said you can pull out now
george soros virus real global pandemic
center for democratic control cdc spraying fear
mike bloomberg in ads king king in debate chimp
babylon bee lgbtq superpower is disappearing foreign countries

Take a Breath, People

media fear timeline y2k anthrax west nile sars bird flu zika ebola corona

Tweet of the Day

tweet bernie sanders on millionaires and billionaires matt walsh

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton youre more likely to be killed by hillary clinton than coronavirus

Message of the Day

democrat party worlds most successful hate group attracts poor people who hate rich blacks who hate whites

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