03-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

donna brazille we are not blocking any candidate biden sign over bernie
with 2020 field older than trump does that make republicans party of youth
dear libs why do men crush records in womens sports but not opposite almost like gender differences
mike bloomberg what you can buy with 500 million american samoa
bernie sanders pot luck comes empty handed complains about food takes all leftovers
who wants to stop climate change who wants to confront china responsible for 3rd
democrats government response to coronavirus inept but should run health care
bernie sanders bumper stickers hitler stalin castro mussolini
trump called racist for early travel ban coronavirus democrats open borders
democrats were behind you bernie vote biden sign
prisoners dont worry weinstein no sexual harrassment lawsuits here
race for presidency warren biden sanders dnc crash

Tweet of the Day

tweet will westcott george soros conspiracy theory funding million in migrants

Quote of the Day

quote know why theres a 2nd amendment in case government fails to follow first one

It’s a Crisis!!!!

onion majority of americans not prepared for when sun engulfs earth 7..5 billion years from now

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