03-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee ignorant boomers share cnn articles
elizabeth warren when youre 3rd place in home state behind commie and guy who sniffs kids
democrats superglue finally party united bernie sanders joe biden
bernie sanders not socialism democratic socialism is there something wrong with socialists
immigrants from escaped socialist countries college aged democratic socialisms
office democratic socialist communist theyre the same picture
good job democrats mr free shit bernie sanders vs cant remember shit biden
torch has passed to new generation bernie sanders joe biden 2020
elizabeth warren still talking blah blah gay will give free
tweet babylon bee virus killed millions now spreading to usa communism
dangerfield hey everybody no more bloomberg ads

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden we hold these truths self evident created by the thing

Tweet of the Day

tweet bloomberg proved he is perfect for government spent shitload of money nothing to show for it

Question of the Day

question have you ever heard usa usa at democrat rally neithe have i

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