03-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

morning after government steals one hour of my sleep ron swanson
just a warning next week daylight savings friday 13th full moon wash hands
americans will measure with anything but metric system dog sized pot holes
joe biden bernie sanders old scooter race
what are things dad says good job proud of you never point gun communists arent people
3 types of people trump make things happen bernie sanders take joe biden dont know whats happening
bloomberg and jussie smollett have in common both paid to have asses kicked
i got pure purell 50 dollars a gram bag
democrats russians bought the last election bloomberg cant buy election
joe biden confuses wife with sister biden wins alabama
babylon bee woman says health care none of your business wants you to pay for it
gun owners of america apply red flag chuck schumer

Tweet of the Day

tweet imagine food stamps everyone lose if dont go to government school system

Quote of the Day

quote barack obama american dream is to be donald trump

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