03-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

good to have friends who will check up on you ok no cool just checking
hunter biden father democratic favorite guess who is back in consulting business
red hot chili peppers give it away now bernie sanders this is good stuff
military deserve free college millenial protestors do not
mike bloomberg 19 year olds not responsible to handle gun military
internet explorer breaking news new deadly virus ebola africa
aoc pence in charge of corona virus should have picked ocasio cortez served many nobody got sick
dnc joe biden puppet im obiden bama democrat stop bernie sanders
meanwhile sanitzer face mask companies sleeping in cash

Tweet of the Day

tweet imagine every morning waking up jill biden talking to joe

Quote of the Day

quote accepting socialism is basically admitted you cant compete in real world

The Best Democrats Have to Offer?

bernie sanders vs joe biden millionaire marxist communist insiders disease dementia

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