03-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

two types of people in world cart toilet paper water other corona beer
coronavirus trump is not doing enough overreacting which one is racist democrats
cruise deal buy one week get 2 free promo code corona
vacation john candy sorry folks the world is closed
what are we gonna die from corona virus symptoms buy all the toilet paper
far left bernie sanders cory booker kamala harris elizabeth warren pushing democrats off cliff
meanwhile in canada any celebrities yet not a single one sir
pharmacist cant get anti depressant pill just with picture of wife hillary bill blinton
mexican word of day joe biden my ear without permission
office dwight too many people in world need new plague coronavirus fuck
children of the coronavirus corn
some places banning gatherings over 200 people joe biden rallies safe

Tweets of the Day

tweet joe biden bring dignity decency threatened slap voter full of shit horses ass
tweet of day bernie sanders fixed it pay for health insurance illegals communism
tweet chelsea clinton trump corona response more died testifying against hillary

Quote of the Day

quote what causes poverty nothing starting point what causes prosperity

Message of the Day

heaven actually had pretty good life but you missed it because you were looking down at phone

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