03-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee harvard now offering 4 year degreee in feeling oppressed
close the schools also liberals keep the borders open
if seinfeld was show in 2020 elaine boyfriend quarantee kramer making handsanitizer in bath tub
kid crash not exactly sure proper time to talk about dui
me and friend discussing product facebook google listening
womens magazines accept yourself lose weight best cake recipe
marked safe from coronavirus outbreak toilet paper fort
ncaa tournament bracket coronavirus winning all
finally finished my panic room toilet paper all over wall
liberals trying to explain how coronavirus is all trumps fault
toilet paper still in store hillary clinton book

Tweet of the Day

tweet educating liberals live in society celebs lecture morality socialists economics transgenders on biology

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden we can only reelect donald trump

Message of the Day

socialism equal poverty no opportunity capitalism unequal wealth unlimited opportunity for success

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