03-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bernie sanders angry socialist joe biden corporate biden best of enemies
family devasted dog chewed up life savings toilet paper
joe biden ar 14 preferred weapon of dog faced pony soldier
anonymous sources cnn told new york times article confirmed by msnbc
every ceo of toilet paper company dr evil gang
monsters little coronavirus big panic
how come liquor stores dont have empty shelves quarantined with spouse and kids
world health organization dogs cant contract covid 19 who let the dogs out
covid 19 came back positive that cant be correct i have 300 rolls of toilet paper
basic hygiene is so hot now
how to really piss people off in 2020 toilet paper trees
kermit all of you panic buying corona condoms so you dont produce more freaking idiots
watch and learn people dog rubbing ass on ground
bernie sanders free toilet paper if im elected van

Tweet of the Day

tweet remember every public crisis is opportunity for state grow power take liberty

Quote of the Day

quote greatest porison people live in fear of what others think

Question of the Day

can someone explain to me why nancy pelosi tried to sneak taxpayer funded abortions to coronavirus bill

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