03-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

imagine st patricks day all bars liquor stores closed
believe in something even if it means taking someone elses everything nike bernie sanders
people dont need alcohol to have fun dont need running shoes to run but helps
i bet by 2020 we will have flying cars and sharships actual toilet paper chained
i miss days when sneezed people said bless you instead of get the fuck away
cnn how trump didnt get coronavirus nancy praying for
due to toilet paper shortage use litter box bury please
aliens watching season 2020 earth shit is getting wild
joe biden my covid 19 plan plagiarize trumps plan claim trumps not doing enough call him xenophobe
when fed prints more money making that toilet paper worth more than paper in wallet
homeschool day 1 wondering how get this kid transferred out of my class
if president starts handing out money remember if not your president you dont get any
homeschooling going well two students suspended fighting teacher fired for drinking on job

Tweet of the Day

tweet sean davis how come trump wuhan virus drive up testing hates people who dont drive

Quote of the Day

quote never argue with someone who believes their own lies

Flashback Reminder

reminder media coddled obama swine fule 60 million cases 18306 deaths

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