03-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

due to corona virus all police officers work from home
if schools are closed for too long parents will find vaccine before scientists
me sound of music world exploding but patriots dynasty over
she we start dressing like this immediately road warrior
us constitution none of this matters if people get sick right
problem fear solution tyranny hegelian parade
pence trump saying wuhan virus is racist hold my diet coke chinese virus
who wants to buy hazmat suit crowded supermarket which way did he go
all these kids learning common core about to learn carry the one new homeschool teachers
burns simpsons impeachment didnt work release the virus
james belushi they took the bar animal house
looking at map for some weekend travel ideas house floor plan

Tweet of the Day

tweet rogan ohandley mexican president closing southern border racist

Quote of the Day

quote maybe society realizes dont need celebrities sports needs farmers ranchers

Big Tech Thought Police Update

tweet dan borgino twitter censoring chinese wuhan virus

Message of the Day

we may be witnessing biggest media generated hysteria since orson welles 1938 war of worlds broadcast

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