03-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if bad resort to cannibalism eat vegans first closest to grass fed
when gas prices lowest in years but government wont let you leave
whos to blame for coronavirus china mainstream media point finger at trump
chris godwin ill give him 12 for a weekend with gisele nothing less tom brady
apocalypse what i expected anarchy zombies what i got home office toilet paper
corona hand sanitizer bottle
public schools are closed guess my property tax rebate should be coming any day now
first time in history save human race laying in front of tv lets not screw up
express lane 160 items or less hoarders required some recalibrating
lies mask coronavirus china communist party
when you find out normal daily lifestyle called quarantine

Tweet of the Day

tweet watson media pundits politicians corona patrick sponge bob burning saved city
tweet danielle butcher americans worried about health of family paying bills journalists trump said china virus again

Quote of the Day

quote people see what they look for hear what they listen for to kill a mockingbird

Message of the Day

message this will end every game sell out every kid glad to go to school shake hands go to work

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One thought on “03-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. This entire Corona virus shutdown is a farce! 160 people die in L.A. County every day of assorted other causes, people get over it PEOPLE DIE EVERYDAY!

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