03-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

schools events closed my job if he dies he dies rocky 4
kermit past week taught us stupidity spreads faster than any virus could
marty doc back to future returned from 2040 people still have unused toilet paper
so is there tax we can pay to end coronavirus or does that only work for climate change
cnn ratings collapse as coronavirus empty american airports
quarantine home schooling still dont get math you go to really shitty school now
angry lady cat smudge parents need help with kids teachers they dont act like that in my class
me getting food alcohol delivered during quarantine leave it on door get the hell out home alone
reporters chinese virus racist spanish flu xenophobic
cdc close all gyms me darn i was going to start going baby yoda

Tweet of the Day

tweet gillian cov19 numbers will spike more tests available media will make you think trump is failing

Quote of the Day

quote world has enough for everyones need not enough for greed gandhi

Random Thought of the Day

I’m so sick of hearing “journalists” in the mainstream media denigrate any possible solution to the Coronavirus problem by saying it isn’t FDA-approved. Who gives a shit whether this inefficient government bureaucracy gives its approval, the same organization that, for example, peddled for decades a food pyramid which called for the majority of our diet come from bread, cereal, pasta, and rice?! Largely thanks to the FDA, the cost of developing a new drug is estimated to be $2.6 billion and takes years to develop. And who knows how much of government approval is based on political influence and lobbying? If a patient or doctor has studied the information on a new drug or treatment plan, why can’t they make their own independent decision to use it? Patients are making a choice that only affects themselves, and often their alternative choice is getting sicker or dying! So with several studies showing an old malaria drug containing hydroxychloroquine may offer the solution to coronavirus, why not give it a try? Of course, the press is fully invested in the failure of Donald Trump, and Dr. Fauci worships at the alter of the FDA, so they naturally oppose giving Americans any hope. Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva has generously donated 6 million doses. Expect the press the panic and do everything in their power to oppose the medication if it solves the problem and ends their economy-crashing hysteria campaign.

monsters little coronavirus big panic
mainstream media cheering corona virus pushing stock market down

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