03-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

divorce lawyers waiting for people to be quarantined with spouses for weeks
celebrities singing imagine quarantined in million dollar homes no bills tell me more
michael myers mask wont protect you from covid19 but helps social distancing
joe biden trump vulgar not presidential youre full of shit dog faced pony solider horses ass
when i do something awkward pie chart change subject keep talking make it worse
abc news caught on tape admitting ignore news favor trump you dont say
me and my friends in 6 months road warrior
simpsons virus fire media name of virus
working from home as parent kids taped to ground
swiss cheese italian sausage spanish flu chinese food virus not racist
kittie 70s show drinking brandy slush me when realized kids headed for 24 day weekend
when media cant control narrative washington post media must stop live broadcasting trump briefings

Tweets of the Day

tweet hydroxychloroquine trump suggest false hope cuomo real leadership
tweet o handley dear potential looters dont armed dads stuck forced to watch tik tok while 401k plummets

Quote of the Day

quote tell a lie once all truths become questionable

Message of the Day

i remember man protect borders bring businesses home less dependent america first trump

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