03-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

american workers drowning democrats green new deal
day 2 working from home wife already filed harassment complaint to hr
open cary porcupine skunk concealed carry
democrats shooting stimulus bill why wont the president do anything
quarantine menu steak burgers to ramen roadkill dried grass
starting to think bacon wrapped sausages wasnt best idea penis shaped
sister named paris conceived there thanks dad no problem quarantine
celebrities sing imagine limo all of us driver
15 days to slow spread of coronavirus stop eating bats pass clean stimulus without woke shit trump
parenting during coronavirus shutdown day 1 mary poppins day 3 miss hannigan
working to solve coronavirus truckers scientists private sector republicans not democrats
shining girls empty store shelves
south park people born in china chinese virus not chinese racist not sure why
babylon bee democrats demand stimulus bill include reparations for transgender native americas affected by climate change

Tweet of the Day

tweet thomas massie each congress bill should focus on one item coronavirus becoming pork projects
tweet cnn is cancer trump gives false hope to americans

Quote of the Day

quote melania trump knew donald 18 years love for america patriotism

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