03-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cops why are you outside state is under lockdown i can do what i want ron swanson
when you leave tv on for dog news come back mask hazmat
braveheart you can take our pubs but youll never stop me from drinking in my kitchen
leaving your family to buy groceries and tip hunger games salute
just like that not my president became wheres my relief check forrest gump
trump fireman stimulus democrats pelosi schumer special interests
us mainstream media chinese propaganda
day 1 quarantine going to meditate body weight training 4 pours ice cream on pasta
just like that everybody had borders forrest gump
rambo how does it feel being essential employee
simpsons small business owners mortgage years built destroyed 1 week government pandemic
during social distances dogs love you here so much cats what the fuck you doing here
not saying im a big deal but government classifies me as essential
ozzie osbourne back in my day could eat raw bat without causing global crisis

Tweets of the Day

tweet press in america if trump is optimistic he is spreading false hope if pessimistic fear theyre opposition party
tweet donald trump jr know its serious when mitt romney attacking democrats

Quote of the Day

quote thomas jefferson i prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

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One thought on “03-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. All I can say is “ wow” , I’m not even shocked because I already know that I hate the mainstream one sided media , they never tel the entire news , they aren’t about giving America “ all of the news” , no instead , they gossip and spread rumors and lies . Journalism is not what it used to be , seems any low life can get that degree …

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