03-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

congratulations class of 2020 virtual reality graduation
darth vader choke hold before after corona
2019 lazy bastard 2020 responsible adult
out of work dont know where familys next meal will come from just wish someone reduce carbon footprint of airplanes
who congratulating nepal for 0 cororavirus cases nepal not performing single test
then interpreter truly understands our situation were screwed
if we could go ahead call chinese coronavirus kung flu that would be great
only non essential business is government change my mind
quarantine day 6 my wife getting garden ready digging grave
mad men dnc were going to run hillary campaign again but with old man riddled with dementia
to everyone who thinks us should manage universal health care how are covid test working for you
babylon bee wifes prayers to stop husband sports watching causes corovavirus
dear netflix yes still watching in quanantine please update are you sure you want to eat that
dog cupboard no im not coming down been on 20 walks today leave me alone
babylon bee china cnn accidentally not translated

Tweet of the Day

tweet remember chinese doctor who tried to warn about coronavirus

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul dangerous notion government protect us from ourselves

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